Smooth Criminal
Smooth Criminal
Smooth Criminal

Smooth Criminal

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If you want to catch big GT’s and Doggies then this is the lure for you.

It has a very smooth swaying action through the water that can be exaggerated by using a sweeping action on the retrieve. The lure is balanced to perfection and can handle rough or calm conditions, swimming just under the surface of the water.

At around 100grams (unrigged) they cast exceptionally well and because of their smooth action through the water, do not wear out the angler. The Slimy Mackerel colour is a great option on fussy Kingfish too. Bergie has double checked every lure and hand signed each one before the final clear coats to ensure they are ready to catch fish.

This lure can be fished with both trebles and single hooks but my preference is in-line singles from 6/0 to 8/0.

Smooth Criminal:

Weight: 90grams

Length: 180mm

Through-wire: 2mm

Timber: Camphaloral

*As all the lures are hand made the colours, weights and sink rates will vary slightly.