Freak Out Collectors Box
Freak Out Collectors Box
Freak Out Collectors Box
Freak Out Collectors Box
Freak Out Collectors Box

Freak Out Collectors Box

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The 'Freak Out' is presented as a collection in a limited edition bamboo box which makes for a fantastic gift for any mad top water fisho or lure collector.

Freak Out - 'Without doubt one of the best lures I have used to turn fish on. With a rod tip up, fast retrieve, this lure really does mimic a bait fish freaking out and skipping over the surface. If you ever come across a nervous school of bait fish flicking on the surface, simply cast the Freak Out over the top of the school and work it back through at pace and just watch the predatory fish rise up and smash it.

We have had so much fun testing this lure on GT’s, especially when a stick bait doesn’t have enough action or water displacement to get them fired up. We actually had packs of GT’s fight for it many times over. It's a very simple lure, built super tough that is so much fun to use. I have double checked every lure and hand signed each one before the final clear coats to ensure they are ready to catch fish.' Bergie.

Bamboo Collectors Box includes 4 Freak Out Lures. 

Lures colours vary based on availability.

Weight: 95grams
Length: 180mm
Through-wire: 2mm
Timber: Camphaloral

All the lures lend themselves to either in line single hooks or trebles. We recommend a treble on the belly and an inline single for the tail. Adding a split ring to the tow point will increase the action.

Expertly hand crafted in Australia.

*As all the lures are hand made the colours, weights and sink rates will vary slightly.

Tight Lines, Bergie.