Sooty Grunter

Sooty Grunter

Sooty Grunter are a freshwater species of fish found in northern Australia, particularly in the rivers and streams of the Queensland and Northern Territory regions.

Here's some tips on how to catch them:

Location: Sootie's can be found in freshwater habitats such as creeks and rivers with rocky bottoms, logs, and snags. Look for deeper pools and areas with plenty of cover. We had a great day at Eungella Dam near Mackay QLD landing 8 nice Sootie's in total.

Gear: A light to medium fishing rod, 4-6lb fishing line, and small hooks and sinkers work best.

Lures: Small poppers or soft plastics. My favourite top water lure is the Zerek Skittish Dog.

Technique: When casting, try to place the bait or lure near the cover where the fish are likely to be hiding, such as logs or rocks. Slowly retrieve the bait, pausing occasionally to entice a strike.

Time of day: Sooty grunter are most active during the early morning and late afternoon, so these are the best times to fish for them.

Good luck and Tight Lines, Bergie