Why is my hot spot not firing?

Why is my hot spot not firing?

How many times have you had a fantastic session fishing at your favourite spot only to return later and catch nothing? Why does this happen and how can you change it?

Well, firstly everyday is obviously different and there are dozens of things that can influence whether fish eat or are even holding in a particular location. Things like tide, moon phase, barometric pressure, water clarity, water temp, weather conditions and the list goes on.

The best thing to do when you find a particular spot and the fish are biting hard is to take a break for a few minutes (which is really hard to do mid way through the action) and put some notes in your phone about what is happening around you.

For example, what part of the tide is it, what moon phase is it, water temp, water clarity and the more obvious things like what lures or bait are working. Keeping a very simple record like that can help you plan out your next trip.

The conditions will never be identical but for what ever reason the fish were happy feeding under the conditions you wrote down. This can act as a guide which will help you tune in to another bite time.

You might find over time that only a few of the factors make a different like a run out tide or the lead up to a full moon but what ever it is you are now fishing smarter and you will catch more fish. 

Tight Lines, Bergie

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