Quintrex Top Ender - a versatile little fishing boat

Quintrex Top Ender - a versatile little fishing boat

The Quintrex 450 Top Ender Pro is one of the best all-rounder alloy fishing boats on the market. It is small enough to fish estuaries and impoundments, rivers and streams, yet big enough to roam big open bays and coastal offshore waters. 

Crafted to suit the rugged conditions of the Northern Territory, the Top Ender has become an Australian icon due to its versatility, durability, reliability, and barra-bass tournament style layout.

Boasting a sleeker look, increased security, and more comfort for longer days on the water, it is heralded to deliver an unparalleled boating experience.

The casting platform design across all Top Ender models has been streamlined and crafted to feature a larger opening to increase quality, ease of access and heaps of underfloor storage for all kinds of tackle, eskys and the catch.

A great option for the all-round fisho you can’t go wrong!