Venom V-Swim Surface Lure 120mm
Venom V-Swim Surface Lure 120mm

Venom V-Swim Surface Lure 120mm

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A weighted tail provides incredible casting distance, while the ultra-tough body is built to handle the rigours of the brutal reef thugs that the v-swim is designed to target. Thicker external walls, through wire and an ingenious internal body rib system provides the ultimate in strength to these amazing lures, while the strategic placement of bearing within these cavities gives the perfect balance for the perfect retrieve.

When cast, the V-Swim sinks with the dying flutter of a wounded baitfish that predators cannot resist. On retrieve the V-Swim has an amazing side to side sway when retrieved with the classic rod sweep retrieve and a tighter. More controlled sway when a straight retrieve is used. The V-Swim is also designed to be trolled at up to 8 knots providing a sub-surface trolling lure that will allow anglers to effectively fish while searching for new ground or bait schools to cast to.

Ideal for coral reef species such as coral trout, trevally, mackerel and dogtooth tuna, the V-Swim will also be incredible on more southern species such as bluefin tuna, longtail tuna and kingfish.

Make no mistake, the V-Swim's versatility means this may well be the only lure you use all day wherever you are fishing!