Venom V-Stick Surface Lure 160mm
Venom V-Stick Surface Lure 160mm

Venom V-Stick Surface Lure 160mm

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Not a floating stickbait and certainly not a sinking stickbait, the v-stick brings the best of both of these worlds into one unique lure.

The eye opener with the V-Stick is that when cast and retrieved with a rod sweep, the lure rests with its nose just sticking out of the water and when swept, ducks underneath the surface to swim below for the length of the sweep. This subsurface presentation gives the predators a much greater chance of connecting to this lure just below the surface rather than having to come up through the surface to take the lure.

But if its surface action you want, the V-Stick is just as happy to work in the surface with a faster retrieve or on the surface with a very fast retrieve! This is possible because of the strategically arranged internal ball bearings that are locked into specific body cavities. Their distribution throughout the lure mean the V-Stick is perfectly balanced regardless of the retrieve used!

The V-Stick can also be trolled and works exceptionally well as the long rod when you're searching for bait or moving from location to location. It is an extremely versatile lure.

Like all of the lures in the Venom stable, the V-Stick is built to withstand the brutal punishment dealt out to stickbaits by large predatory fish. Thickened ABS plastic walls that are strengthened by the incorporation of the ingenious internal rib system mean that when the pressure is on, the V-Stick will handle whatever is thrown at it. For extra security a full through wire has been used connecting the tow point to each of the hook hangers ensuring nothing is left to chance.

Troll, cast, sweep, slow roll and fast roll - the V-Stick can do them all making this one of the most versatile lures on the market today.